Rigid plastic extrusions for all applications

Rigid plastic extrusionsEuroseal have the capability to extrude a variety of plastic trade extrusions from simple hardness designs through to complex co-extrusions incorporating two or more elements. Our rigid plastic extrusions and tubes are available in varying materials and finishes to meet your exact requirements.

Our equipment allows us to produce rigid plastic extrusions in a range of weights and thicknesses – from 10g to 6kgs per metre in weight, and from 0.7mm to 10mm in thickness. With our wide scope of available sizes, you can be sure that Euroseal able to provide you with rigid plastic extrusions which are able to meet virtually any requirements.

Rigid plastic materials

The type of material selected for each extrusion is largely dependent on its application. Whether you require an extrusion which is particularly strong, fire resistant, or manufactured for weather resistance, we can specify the right material for your rigid plastic extrusion.

Extrusion materials include:

  • PVC
  • Polycarbonate
  • HDPE
  • Polystyrene
  • Polypropylene
  • ABS

Rigid extrusions for use in all industries

Euroseal can produce custom plastic extrusions to suit virtually any purpose, though our rigid extrusions are regularly used in a number of industries, which include:

  • Electrical extrusions – including rigid plastic extrusions for lighting diffusers and lighting profiles
  • Construction products – extrusions such as plastic tubes, plumbing and roofing profiles
  • Coach building and automotive profiles – we produce PVC pelmets and other profiles for curtain sided vehicles
  • Decking and fencing – a range of horticultural rigid plastic extrusions, as well as bespoke profiles
  • Curtain walling – pressure plates for use in a variety of curtain walling systems
  • Conservatory profiles and glazing – conservatory and window profiles as well as supports and trims
  • Cladding – various cladding extrusions, including hygienic PVC cladding

Rigid plastic finishing and secondary operations

All Euroseal rigid plastic extrusions can be customised to your liking with our wealth of secondary finishing options. Post-production we can finish your profiles with hole punch on line, embossing, and additional patterns to achieve the look you require.

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