Retail plastics

Retail PVC plasticsEuroseal have experience serving numerous clients operating within the retail and display sectors. As a result, we are readily able to design and extrude the wide range of retail plastics used within the industry.

The retail industry makes use of retail plastics for applications such as curtain tracking, shelving displays, and various types of product displays. Euroseal have the capability to extrude all of these retail plastics, as well as producing trims for almost any type of retail display.

Euroseal extrude plastics in a wide range of materials, so unlike other extruders, we can provide retail plastics in more than just PVC.

Bespoke retail plastics

The retail industry has a large focus on aesthetics, creating highly visual displays and attractive environments for the potential customer. Euroseal offer completely bespoke retail plastics to ensure that we can produce displays which exactly suit your requirements – offering a range of secondary operations and finishes including colour, embossing and patterns.

Euroseal’s use of bespoke tooling also means that we can quickly extrude profiles in almost any design, and for almost any retail application.

Plastic extrusions for retail and display applications

We extrude a variety of retail plastics for almost any application, as well as completely bespoke extrusions. Our most common retail extrusions include:

  • Curtain/valance tracks – PVC curtain tracks for displays
  • Carpet battens – plastic spacers and trims for flooring
  • Flooring trims – various plastic flooring accessories, made to measure
  • Display trims – PVC shelving, display rack trims and more

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