Plastic extrusion finishing and secondary operations

Commercial and retail labellingPlastic extrusions from Euroseal can be fully customised to your liking with a wealth of secondary finishing options. Post-production we can finish your profiles with hole punch on line, embossing, and additional patterns to achieve the look and performance you require.

In-line finishing equipment

Euroseal own advanced in-line machinery which can is capable of finishing extruded profiles with a number of secondary operations which include drilling, hole punching, and other cut-pattern designs. Profiles can also be extruded and cut to specific lengths to suit particular applications which means that we can supply all products fully prepped and fit for purpose straight from delivery.

Whether you want your profile finished with a specific textured surface, woodgrain effect, glossy texture or with in-line applications, Euroseal have the range of equipment to cater for all requirements.

Plastic Extrusion finishes

Commercial and retail labelling
  • Co-extrusion – combining different plastic materials into a single profile. Can be dual or tri colour
  • Post co-extrusion – any secondary operation to the profile after it has been co-extruded
  • Embossing – the application of patterns such as woodgrain or leather effects, as well as matte and gloss finishes
  • Labelling – for commercial and retail purposes, we can print labels to identify extrusions
  • Ink-jet printing – barcode printing and general identification of profiles post-extrusion
  • Punch on line – in-line hole punching of plastic extrusions for various purposes