Packaging plastics

PackagingEuroseal can extrude packaging plastics used to prevent goods from getting damaged in transit. Plastic extruded packaging is widely used for transportation as it is strong, can be reused time and time again, and offers complete protection from almost any kind of impact or external pressures.

Extruded packaging plastics can also be designed to fit the precise dimensions of almost all transported goods, making them much safer and more space-efficient than other packaging solutions.

At Euroseal we can extrude a variety of plastic tubing when standard packaging fails to offer sufficient protection and convenience. Our extruded packaging offers a number of advantages over traditional packaging, including improved strength and complete water resistance.

Bespoke packaging plastics

We can design and manufacture packaging plastics which have been tailored to your exact needs, thanks to our access to bespoke tooling.

Because we have developed great relationships with tool manufacturers all over the world, Euroseal can deliver completely bespoke extrusions with minimal time and extra costs. For custom packaging profiles, Euroseal can cater for virtually any need.

Plastic extrusions for packaging applications

Euroseal can extrude completely custom packaging to fit a huge range of products, though mostly commonly we provide the following packaging plastics:

  • Plastic tubing – extruded in a variety of diameters and lengths to suit
  • Postal tubes – extruded plastic tubing designed for freight transportation
  • PVC angles – various sizing, used as corner trims and edge protection

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