The Benefits of Extrusion

Plastic extrusion is often viewed as one of the most economical manufacturing options due to its efficiency and the fact that it doesn’t generate a lot of waste. But what is it? Plastic extrusion is the manufacturing of raw plastic material into a continuous profile, often in high volumes. Using new or recycled plastic along with heat, plastic extrusions are moulded to a specific application shape, such as piping, gaskets and plastic sheeting. The manufacturing process can be completed with a range of extrusion materials, such as ABS, rigid and flexible PVC, elastomers and more. The plastic can be produced…Continue reading

The Euroseal Process – From Design to Finishing

As specialists in thermoplastic extrusion, amongst the UK’s leading plastic extrusion manufacturers, Euroseal regularly supply products for a wide range of industrial sectors, including construction, electrical, engineering, retail, packaging, horticulture, transport and even furniture. Part of what sets Euroseal apart as an industry authority is our considerable expertise of the entire manufacturing process, from extrusion design, through to machinery and tooling and finally, plastic extrusion finishing. To ensure the best finished products to meet customer requirements and expectations, we keep everything in house. Specialists in extrusion design Due to the considerable expertise and experience of our design team, we are…Continue reading

Why Hygienic PVC Cladding is a Great Option for your Workplace

The work environment is a different place to home, and the requirements are necessarily different too. Whilst a room in your home can be kept both clean and tidy with some good plasterwork and paint, or even wipe-down wallpaper, this isn’t always suitable for places of work. It may be that the workplace undertakes specialist operations and requires a sterile environment  – think laboratory or industrial kitchen for example. Alternatively, it could be that the workplace has an extremely high volume of people, and as a result, needs to be made of materials that can be kept efficiently and effectively…Continue reading

Demand for building and construction plastics continues to grow in Brexit aftermath

Confidence in the construction market is returning after the initial post Brexit wobble, and demand for plastic extrusions in this sector is maintaining its upward trend undeterred. With the interest rate now at a historic low of 0.25%, more people are keen to take advantage of smaller mortgage rates, and either step onto the property ladder, or upgrade to a bigger/better house. This, alongside the natural high demand for new housing stock in the UK, and government’s initiatives such as ‘Help to Buy’, has contributed to the quick recovery of the residential construction sector after a short period of uncertainty…Continue reading