Furniture Profiles – Everyday Uses of Plastic Extrusions in Your Office

We’ve talked before about how plastic extrusion is one of the most economical manufacturing options for plastic parts and products. It’s a highly efficient process that doesn’t generate a lot of waste and is also extremely versatile; plastics can be produced as rigid, semi-rigid or flexible, with a completely bespoke cross-section to suit the purpose. It’s no wonder that we come across plastic extrusions daily in office furniture profiles. Extensive use is made of plastics in an office environment, because: Plastics are more lightweight than other furniture materials They’re highly durable and can last for a number of years without…Continue reading

Euroseal Increases Extrusion Capacity with Six-Figure Investment

We are delighted to announce that Euroseal has completed major planned infrastructure improvements that boost our manufacturing facility, increase extrusion capacity and expand the services we can offer to our clients. The company made a six-figure investment in a programme of improvements completed this summer, including the installation of a new twin-screw extrusion line, mezzanine floor and the construction of a new tooling design workshop and servicing facility. Equipped with one of the UK’s most technically advanced extrusion facilities, Euroseal offers extensive experience in the manufacture of a diverse range of thermoplastic extrusions, including rigid profile and co-extrusions in PVC,…Continue reading

How We Cut Down Overheads and Increase Efficiency for Fabricators

One of the aspects that makes Euroseal one of the UK’s leading plastic extrusion specialists is that we are committed to helping fabricators and plastic building products manufacturers to increase their efficiency and cut down their overheads. One of the biggest issues facing fabricators is waste. In many cases, project specifications demand extrusions in non-standard lengths and dimensions and as a result, excess materials become waste. It’s also important to consider that slow turnaround time from plastic extrusion suppliers can also lead to delays, wasting time and money to reduce efficiency. At Euroseal, not only do we offer rapid turnaround…Continue reading

Plastic Extrusion in the Retail Sector

The retail environment is awash with products vying for customer’s cash, and with so much marketing collateral at play, it can be tricky to grab their attention. Ensuring you’ve invested time and money into your shop fitting and display options is key in engaging customers and increasing footfall, but can often get overlooked. One of the industries that has a large role to play in shop fitting and retail displays is plastic extrusion. Unless you work in the industry, you might not notice all the things in the retail environment that use plastic extrusion – from queue barrier systems and…Continue reading