Furniture Profiles

Office plastic trimsOffices and similar working environments make extensive use of plastic extrusions. Durable, easy to produce, and more lightweight than alternative materials, office plastics are used in a huge array of work spaces.

Euroseal have the capability and capacity to extrude office plastics for almost any application, including door surrounds and tracking, office partitions, and plastic office strips for both walls and ceilings.

Plastic extrusions intended for office use are designed to either perform a protective function, or to enhance aesthetics. With such a wide range of material choices, Euroseal can extrude office plastics which are highly durable, but also in a range of colours and secondary finishing operations. This ensures that we’re able match the colour schemes of workspace interiors, and extrude profiles in line with specific briefs.

Bespoke office plastics

As with all of our extrusion products, Euroseal are able to offer completely custom office plastics thanks to our access to bespoke tooling. We have great relationships with tool manufacturers all over the world, meaning that we can deliver custom office extrusions with impressive turnaround.

Plastic extrusions for office furniture and trims

Our range of office plastics is extensive, including:

  • Door trims – plastic stripping surrounds and more
  • Door tracking – plastic tracking for sliding door systems
  • Flat strips – spacers, covers and office furniture edging
  • Office partitions – trims for office partitions and dividers
  • Wall mountings – extruded to purpose, for fixed promotional material or notices

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