Furniture Profiles – Everyday Uses of Plastic Extrusions in Your Office

We’ve talked before about how plastic extrusion is one of the most economical manufacturing options for plastic parts and products. It’s a highly efficient process that doesn’t generate a lot of waste and is also extremely versatile; plastics can be produced as rigid, semi-rigid or flexible, with a completely bespoke cross-section to suit the purpose. It’s no wonder that we come across plastic extrusions daily in office furniture profiles.

Extensive use is made of plastics in an office environment, because:

  • Plastics are more lightweight than other furniture materials
  • They’re highly durable and can last for a number of years without damage if treated with care
  • Plastic parts are easy to produce, particularly through processes such as extrusion

Generally speaking, plastic extrusions have two main uses in office furniture profiles. They provide a protective function, helping to prevent wear and make furniture or other profiles last longer, or they help enhance aesthetics; plastics can easily be coloured to match the company branding, or colour schemes of the office, so it’s common for doors, office furniture and partitions to feature a plastic trim or shell.

Bespoke Extruded Furniture Profiles from Euroseal

As one of the leading thermoplastic extruders in the UK, we have the expertise and capacity to extrude office plastic profiles for practically any application. As with any extruded products that we produce, our office furniture profiles are completely bespoke and designed to suit the customer. To achieve this, we have developed strong relationships with a number of tool manufacturers, allowing us access to the bespoke tooling we need to deliver completely custom extrusions, with great turnaround times.

We regularly produce products including door trims, plastic door tracking for sliding door systems, flat strips for use in covers and furniture edging, trims for office partitions and custom extruded wall mountings. Our range of plastics can perfectly match specified colour schemes, subjected to specialist secondary finishing processes, or even co-extruded, to provide the best possible aesthetic results.

To enquire about our bespoke office plastics and furniture profiles, give our team a call on (0)121 344 4100 or contact us via the Euroseal website.

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