Plastic extrusion design for all applications

Extrusion design services are availableEuroseal have the capability to create a huge range of plastic extrusion designs using our considerable manufacturing and design resources. We have extensive experience in the plastic extrusion industry which means that we can effectively advise on thermoplastic specification, ensuring that all of our designs are perfectly suited to their application.

We offer both standard and completely custom profile designs, thanks to our access to bespoke tooling equipment. Euroseal have developed relationships with tool manufacturers all across the world, meaning that we can quickly manufacture profiles from completely bespoke designs. With dedicated in-line finishing machinery, Euroseal can also cater for designs which require post-production secondary operations such as hole punching and embossing.

Extrusion design specialists

Euroseal are the industry authority when it comes to plastic extrusion design. Our design team have decades of experience creating profiles which have been used across various industries, and we can create extrusions for virtually any application – producing everything from cladding to construction profiles.

Euroseal’s designers have developed plastic extrusions alongside leading organisations within the manufacturing, industrial and commercial sectors – the Euroseal range of transport extrusions in particular have been designed with the help of leading coachbuilders and automotive suppliers. Working closely with industry experts ensures that our team have unparalleled expertise when designing plastic extrusions for virtually any purpose.

CAD software suites & prototyping

To design profiles which meet your exact requirements, we have full CAD suite facilities. Our design team use this sophisticated software to create profile designs to suit any application, and using these CAD facilities we can simulate how the extruded profile will react as part of a larger system.

Euroseal also have the ability to produce rapid prototypes before full production. This is an incredibly useful service for clients who wish to see a profile before investing in bespoke tooling for mass production. Prototyping also means that we can identify any potential flaws in a profile, and make revisions to the final design.