The Euroseal Process – From Design to Finishing

As specialists in thermoplastic extrusion, amongst the UK’s leading plastic extrusion manufacturers, Euroseal regularly supply products for a wide range of industrial sectors, including construction, electrical, engineering, retail, packaging, horticulture, transport and even furniture. Part of what sets Euroseal apart as an industry authority is our considerable expertise of the entire manufacturing process, from extrusion design, through to machinery and tooling and finally, plastic extrusion finishing. To ensure the best finished products to meet customer requirements and expectations, we keep everything in house.

Specialists in extrusion design

Due to the considerable expertise and experience of our design team, we are able to offer both an extensive range of standard profile designs and also completely bespoke, customised profile designs.

Extrusion design

We regularly work across many industries and our design team are well-equipped to come up with a fitting design for practically any application, from simple, to complex packaging and construction profiles. As design experts, we have developed extrusion profiles in partnership with leading organisations in manufacturing, industrial and commercial sectors – it is through working closely and developing relationships with other industry authorities that allows us to continually develop our design knowledge.

Bespoke plastic extrusions

CAD software facilities play an essential part in the design and prototyping of extruded profiles, not only helping us to show just how a finished product will look, but also simulating how extrusions will fit the application and function, allowing us to identify any potential flaws or defects. CAD allows for fast prototyping, providing a chance for customers to see a product in action before committing to mass production.

Extrusion production

Extrusion production

To carry out the manufacture of bespoke extrusion designs exactly to specifications, Euroseal is fully equipped with the specialist machinery necessary to do so. Having developed strong relationships with tool makers across the UK and the wider world, acquiring tooling directly, we are able to develop extrusions for practically any application and provide much shorter lead times for custom extrusions.

Extrusion process

The importance of extrusion finishing

Appearances are always important and at Euroseal, we are committed to getting every little detail right, ensuring that each extrusion is finished exactly to specification. Using our house extrusion machinery, we can extrude in many different colours, before carrying out a variety of secondary operations to provide bespoke finishes.

Extrusion finishing

Our extrusion finishing capabilities include:

  • Extrusions can be embossed with a range of effects and finishes, for example, a woodgrain effect, leather effect, or a matte or gloss finish.
  • Barcodes and identification can be ink-jet printed onto extrusions.
  • Plastic extrusions can be punched with holes if necessary.
  • Plastic materials can be co-extruded into a single profile, with up to three different colours. Secondary finishing operations can also be carried out on co-extruded profiles.
wood grain effect extrusion finishing

To learn more about our completely bespoke in house extrusion service, from initial concepts to the finished product, please contact us today by calling +44 (0)121 344 4100 or use our online contact form.

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