Euroseal and the Construction Sector

As one of the UK’s leading specialists in thermoplastic extrusion, we regularly provide bespoke solutions for clients in the construction industry. Naturally, this sector relies on plastic extruded products to provide lightweight, cost effective and flexible alternatives to more traditional building materials. Using our state-of-the-art facilities, we’re able to produce a practically limitless selection of construction plastics.

construction sector extrusion

Bespoke extrusions – increasing efficiency and lowering costs

At Euroseal, we remain committed to supporting the construction industry by helping fabricators and construction plastics specialists to increase their efficiency and reduce their overheads. Offering rapid turnaround and flexible capacity, we can not only provide completely bespoke, project specific extrusions, but customers can also save considerably by working with us.

As a result of our state-of-the-art equipment and considerable capacity, we operate without any real limitations as everything that we do for the construction sector is completely bespoke. This means we aren’t constrained by details such as standard length. Should customers want a product that’s normally available at 3m at a longer or shorter length, then we’ll cut it to the specified length. As a result, wastage is considerably reduced so there’s no need for extra material to be factored into the price. The end result is that fabricators can provide a much more competitive quote for the end customer.

Our flexibility doesn’t end at length. We can also develop tooling to extrude products with practically any cross section and if specific projects require particular colours, we can provide extrusions in over 1000 colours.

Demand for plastic extrusions in the construction sector

Euroseal has extensive experience in the manufacture of a diverse range of thermoplastic extrusions for the construction sector, these include:

  • Profiles, trims, supports and cladding for windows, conservatories and other glazing systems.
  • Fascias and guttering for homes and conservatories.
  • Plastic pipes for plumbing – for waste disposal and water delivery.
  • Plastic partitions, barriers and panels.
  • Plastic housings for cables and electronics.
  • Decking and fencing systems.

Whatever your needs, we have the knowledge and capabilities to provide construction industry clients with high quality bespoke extruded products for virtually any application for excellent value.

To enquire about our construction plastic extrusions or find out more about our range of products and services, please call our expert sales team on +44 (0)121 344 4100 or contact us online.

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