Engineering Plastics

Cable managementEngineering and manufacturing industries make frequent use of plastic extrusions, and Euroseal are able to cater for the varying applications within this sector by extruding a huge selection of engineering plastic products.

Due to the versatility of plastic extrusions, they have many important uses in engineering contexts, including insulation, protective coverings for machinery, tubing, and as components in large and complex constructions.

Bespoke engineering plastics

Because so much of the work within the engineering and manufacturing industries is bespoke or one-off, custom extrusions are often required as part of an engineering project. As such, Euroseal can utilise extensive bespoke tooling to extrude completely bespoke engineering plastics design for all applications.

All engineering plastics extruded by Euroseal can be designed to meet the safety stipulations set by particular briefs – as the safety of engineering operatives is often a significant concern throughout the duration of a project.

Plastic extrusions for the engineering industry

Cable management
Whether we’re producing engineering plastics designed to protect workers from exposed electrical or heat hazards, or as a small part of a larger engineering construction, Euroseal can extrude profiles to match almost any industry requirement. Our range includes:

  • Plastic tubes – conveyor tubes, push rods, cable management
  • Insulation – protective housing for exposed cabling, heat hazards
  • Tool covers – protective covering for serrated tools
  • Plastic sheeting – cladding, dividers and partitions

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