Electrical plastics

Electrical PVC trunkingEuroseal provide a wide range of electrical plastics for use in almost any electrical application.

Plastic extrusions are used in all varieties of electrical equipment as electrical insulation, and as protective housings. Compared with other material choices, plastic extrusions can be easily moulded to the shape of particular electrical appliances, or be created to house specific cable routing channels.

Bespoke electrical plastics

Common electrical plastics also include diffusers for lighting systems, binding bars, and various tubings used as casings for cables to protect them from wear or harsh external conditions. With bespoke tooling we can offer almost any electrical plastic extrusions. Unlike other extruders we can also design, manufacture and deliver your extrusions with quick turnaround thanks to quick access to our custom tooling.

Plastic extrusions for electrical applications

At Euroseal we can extrude electrical plastics for use in more than just protective housings. We can produce almost any extrusion for use in electrical applications, with our most frequent being:

  • Capping – plastic capping, between 30-50mm width
  • Electrical housings – protective casings, insulating extrusions
  • Electrical conduits – 50mm width
  • Cable trunking – protective cable trunking, 50mm width
  • Power track – plastic tracking for electrical supply, 58mm width

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Here you can view and download all of our PDF technical specifications for plastic extrusions for electrical applications. You can also view our downloads page to get a full list of our PDF technical specifications that covers all of our products and sectors.

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